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10 Free Star War Ringtones Of Amazing People

Are you looking for Star War ringtones – the songs from the movie that sticks to you since your childhood?

Don’t worry because after reading this post, you will find many ways to achieve that desire.

The Star War movie

The Star War is a famous movie that began 40 years ago.

Actually, it was more than a movie because of its huge influence on culture.

Today, people mention to Star War as a pioneer of filmmaking technology which is still applied for modern films.

However, it’s the theme song that contribute the big part to the success of The Star War movie.

Here are 10 most popular Star War ringtones for you

Darth Vader: The special sound that was released in the ending scene. It brings a majestic atmosphere and may trigger your energy after a hectic day.

Rogue One: It has the same tune as the Darth Vader but not released in the ending scene. The song appeared before the fight of two sides in the movie.


Star Wars Klaxon: A ringtone that is similar to every classical ringtones you used. It simulates the horn’s sound – which is easy for you when the call comes.


Star Wars Funny Tone: No one can deny the funny things. That kind of ringtone may let your colleagues or friends laugh out loud when hearing your ringtone.


Star Wars Theme Song: It must be the most popular song among 10 ringtones. We heard it in every beginning of the series, which made this song become a signature.


Star Wars Alarm Tone: Still the Star War main theme song but in another level of tone 🙂 The sound is strong enough to wake up any sleepy people and remind them of the uncompleted tasks.


Tie Fighter Theme Music: Another intro theme song. Listener may imagine the indifinity of space when the sound starts.


Light Saber Sms: One of the most common theme song of Star War game – the franchise that started from the original movie.


BB8 (Starwars) Ringtones: stimulating the robot’s voice, BB8 factually bring the new wave for your ringtone collection.


R2D2 Ringtone: Also a ringtone that imitates robot’s sound, R2D2 proves its influence by the statistics (ranked no.1 in the most popular robot ringtones)

How to download free the Star War ringtones?

After you create the ringtone, there is a choice to assign it to your contact. If you choose this option, the ringtone need to read your contact data and show them in the list, then you can assign the new ringtone to somebody.

Always be most frequently asked question.

Just follow our step and you will take all those ringtones to your phone quickly.

First, scroll down and try listening all 10 kinds of ringtones once.

Read our description and figure out which is the best suit to you.

Then, click the button “Download” to finish that process.

Don’t forget to share with your friends to remember your childhood together.


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